Practical Uses for Competitive Intelligence

If you have investigated any of the Publications shown on this website, you already realize how useful our FREE monthly ranking Issues can be. Knowing whether you are rising and falling in comparison to your rivals is a pretty obvious benefit, so you may want to subscribe to our monthly email alert to get links to the newest ranking data. If you need business intelligence with greater detail, you may want to hire AlterMedia for consultation, especially if your situation is one of the following:

1. Companies tracking their own SEO efforts

For staff in charge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their company website, this job becomes much easier if they can track the results of their efforts and contrast these with the rising or falling status of rival companies. These people seek to raise company websites to a rank high enough to directly generate revenue: being able to prioritize efforts based on visible tracking will always be an advantage over rivals who compete blindly. Making better-informed tactical decisions is not limited to knowing the status of one’s own website; monitoring the changing ranks of one’s rivals — and the larger market — is equally informative.

For companies who have out-sourced this work to an SEO company,  AlterMedia can help them monitor and report on the results of their work in the form of third-party verification. Plus, most SEO companies are not set up to offer wide-scale monitoring of one’s rivals.

2.  Web design companies

No web designer wants to prepare a site that is unfit for high rank due to its structure or content. For many web developers, “due diligence” includes a consultation with AlterMedia early in the process of creating new or re-engineered websites, particularly if its ability to attract sales is crucial.

3. SEO companies

Give your clients the gift of detailed and interactive ranking data. You work hard to raise their profile on the web, but each month you have the burden of preparing a ranking report for your clients. Instead, use your time to do what you’re good at — raising rank — and let AlterMedia worry about the reports. Using AlterMedia as a trusted third-party monitor can also create an “arms-length” relationship between your work and the act of reporting on the rising ranks created by your work (considered an obvious “best practice” for SEO by many large companies).

4.  Companies seeking customized campaigns

As a rule, AlterMedia is not interested in fighting SEO and AdWords campaigns for companies we didn’t specifically choose. We generally prefer to support the work of other SEO companies, but we will sometimes approach a company directly — especially if they were referred by trusted industry partners —  if their situation appears particularly interesting. While we welcome all inquiries, please understand that our selection process is not intended for the general public.

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